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Pittsburgh Penguins

Jaromir Jagr Send-in Your Premium Item -- PRE-SALE -- Deadline May 28th

$169.00 USD

Important - Buyer of Premium Item is responsible for Pre-Paid Return Shipping label to be included.

You must label your item with your name, contact information, order number.

Please complete and include this Send In Form

Send-in items must be received by May 28th.

Premium items consist of jerseys, sticks, equipment, and canvases. 

*Two foot Stanley Cups and any items over 16x20 in size will not be accepted for this signing.

 Signing will take place on or around June 4th.

A Sign On Sports Certificate of Authenticity guarantees that your signature is authentic.


- Photos must arrive in top loaders or bulk packaged with appropriate protection.

- The athlete reserves the right to refuse signing or inscribing ANY item even if it has been approved by the Sign On Sports team.

- Sign On Sports is not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit to or from the autograph signing.